Monday, 2 November 2015

Monday, 2 November 2015
today on a sunny and beautiful and hot day room 5 had to go and do PE. after brain break. then we had to go and line up outside. so then we quickly lined up but we did run. then we had to go by the PE shed. then we had to go and do long jump.It was hard for most of us.But we did make it but we didn't make it halfway it was hard we had to land on both of our feet. we did it on the grass but then we had to do it on the sand  some of us didn't even landed it heaps of us lost. then we did it i made heap of people made it. and a little bit of people had to do it. some people didn't make it. the people that didn't made it they had to restart then they did then after that all of us made it then we had to do discus.

then we played discus it was so hard then miss made the instructions easy then we had to do it it didn't do it properly then she showed me then miss Nicola started then it was up and then it was my turn then i didn't no but then i got far then Ethan bet me then me and jaydyn came 2th place then jaydyn had to go get the discus then jaydyn throw it and it got pasted on person then it had to go get it then i came 1st place then Ethan stoll my discus then i got a different discus then jaydyn had to sit over by mason and then it was only me that had to have a turn then i made it but then Ethan made it halfway then Ethan one then we all had to put the discus back then me and piringi had to go and take them to the PE shed.

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